for some reason you've bothered to check me out. thanks for that. this website is here mainly as a reference, because next to being in a couple of bands and projects that all have their own web presences, i sometimes work as a composer of film scores and as an audio engineer. all nice and dandy but i'm not much of an updater, nor is this a means of reaching out to new clients per se.

if you are here because you would like me to do some mixing / remixing / mastering for you, please look me up on discogs or check out my bands and the people i collaborate with for an indication of the stuff that i am into. broadly speaking, that would be the "darker" shades of the spectrum, especially in the realm of experimental composition (intense spectral composition / timbric clustering), anything with a ritual / mystic / traditional backbone and murky, monolithic and eldritch improvisation. i also do the odd remix (mostly with distel and again only stuff i like), but please do get in touch if you have a track that is in need of a thorough makeover - i might be interested.

if you're looking for a proper all-round recording studio in the netherlands with regard to the aforementioned engineering jobs and more, i can recommend the excellent white noise studio in winterswijk.