this website serves to give a cursory overview of the most relevant of my past endeavours. it is also an austere point of reference, since next to being involved in a couple of bands and projects that all have their own dedicated web presences, i sometimes work as a composer of film scores and as an audio engineer.
i’m not much of an updater, so if you wish to stay abreast of future activities of these involvements, then please follow them on social media for updates, or connect to me on facebook.

at the moment i have enough on my plate as it is, so i’m not really taking on new jobs. however i’m always open to collaborations. broadly speaking, my work roams the "darker" and often melancholic planes of the musical spectrum and i am interested in experimental composition (spectral composition / timbric clustering), music with a ritual / mystic / traditional footing and murky, monolithic and eldritch improvisation.